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Released in Nashville, TN in March 2016. Ten tracks written, produced, and performed by Tomás Gorrio. Featuring Becca Trevathan as The Gylestial. Trumpets by Jason Elliot, Auxiliary percussion by Noah Johnston.


released March 24, 2016


all rights reserved




We are Tomás Gorrio & The Gylestial. A nomadic couple on a ten year plan travel the world with our music and positivity since March 2016. Find your passion and live life to the fullest!


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Track Name: Mic Checkers
Checking the microphone. I'm just a microphone checker. Does it sound good to you like it does to me? I'm checking the mic, you sucka’ MC! Let's get this party started baby! Oh, how I'd love to see you right now. Wrecking the mic just for you right now. If you're singing with me, you're part of my crew right now. Oh, how I'd love to see you light that flame, take the lead, and don't surrender. You've got all that you need to get along, but when Monday comes, it's the same old song. Just remember we create our maps, we create our treasures. So get on up! There's a whole world around us. Don't you miss it. You're going to want that cowbell, baby! I'm playing microphone checkers.
Track Name: Fly Son Of A Gun
I do what I want under the sun. Play with my toys and have my fun. Life shines on those who care for it. You play that card so well baby. But I'll be that fly son of a gun. Last man alive, I'm on the run. Faster than light, I beat the clock. Time is nothing but a trap. Can't let it consume you, baby. I'm just a fly son of a gun. The moment you walk in the room, it gets so real. Eyes that follow you make you feel like, "am I doing alright with what I'm saying and what I'm singing?". But I'll find my way through this life and make a change. I know I'll make a change! Fools chasing gold in what they love. Tarnish your passion the more you shove. Houses and boats and cars, is that really what we need? Now who's the fly son of a gun? I'm sick of bringing it up, and so I'm tearing it down. Impress yourself! It's time you take control. You can do this on your own.
Track Name: Red In My Sunlight
I fought through the concrete. She was more than a friend. Smiled back when she killed me. A sweet bitter end. Now every bone in my body feels the rain. And I've tried to give you up, but these walls collapse as you're ringing my bell. Still trying to give you up. Shine for me. I'm stubborn as hell. You bring out the red in my sunlight. She can walk the forest like a lioness. Craving me, Taurus. Better think again. Cause every bone in your body will feel the rain.. Friday night in your limousine. Dressing up because talk is cheap. Living alone, I'm living a dream. My mind was the first to tell me I'm gone. Red wine and a corset for the night. Let me feel you. Who knew you could wind me up so tight? Look out! You bring out the red. Lie to me. Was it something I said? Cause you bring out the red in my sun light.
Track Name: Pretender
Dance. My darling will you dance with me tonight? Perhaps I've only but a chance to win you over. Can I become the one you call when you need light? We're in the dark. I'll be your day if you'll be my night. These are the stories of my life. I'm not afraid to call them mine. Love. She doesn't have a name or a perception of the feelings that she gave, but I did love her. I'm waking up on the floor again and again. I'm trying to walk, but I'm fading. Streets are closing down on this avenue. I'm a pretender, so I will pretend for you. Standing on water, counting my blessings, showing the world that I don't need saving. No I don't need saving. Spinning fast out of control. Someone save my soul.
Track Name: I'm The Enemy
Stuck in this masquerade, the life of a liar. I stay dry in the pouring rain, keep my cool by the fire. And I love saying no. I'm not here to put on a show. Break my wrist, watch me bleed, I'll satisfy your needs. Is this what you want of me? Too high to low. Still shooting in vain. Kill my fear, and be my remedy baby. You're the trigger, and I'm the enemy. Tonight, we can start again. Break these lies that are breaking me. Only a girl like you can turn me inside out. Shake me down, drag me around, unmask me, then strip my cover. A thousand voices can be so loud. I found my conscience by the door, torn down with no release. I had the world, but I wanted more. So she stripped away the key.
Track Name: If Love Don't Find Me Too
Oh my darling should you find my heart buried beneath the ocean rock. That's where my mama told me that I couldn't find love if Love don't find me too. Should I believe it all and follow what you do to me? Son you need a tree for a mommy and baby. Every story has an end. A hand for you to hold again. Turn a chapter, change the cover. The leaves will paint our canvas with their color. Take a look from the outside. Take a good look at your pride. Oh I will learn to compose my desires. And if love don't find me, then I'll just lay buried here.
Track Name: Violets Are Blue
Pray for me as the sun is setting. May the poison in all my vices reveal me. She's figured out how to light my candle. Pulled the wick right out from the wax, now I'm burning. Juliet, those violets are blue. She must be a good lover, it's true. And I'll scale this wall for days. Promise me love, and I'll promise you the corners of my room. Those guilty pleasures tied up in addiction. I'm fighting on my own. Crave my skin, my flesh, my bones… I'll only surrender for you.
Track Name: Taking Off My Mask
Didn't mean to catch you sober. Didn't mean to crush those feelings, but if you stay, I'll show you the dreams come true. In case that's not what you're used to. I'm taking off my mask to dance with you. Inspire movement. These legs are ready to go. Shake it fast, and bring it down low. Here we go.
Track Name: Una Rosa En El Camino
De un barco fantasma, entre la absurda borrasca, soy sin rumbo navegando por las aguas. De un mar ignoto y bravío, Sin ver en lontananza. Ninguna luz, ningún destello que alumbre mi esperanza. Soy el nauta taciturno que dolida y lleva el alma. Soy gaviota que se asoma con sus alas destrozadas. Entre las nubes oscuras, tan oscuras como el alma de aquel que perdió el rumbo entre aguas agitadas. Una Rosa en el camino. Soy el náufrago doliente que llega a nuevas playas buscando un sol para el frío, para este frío del alma. Y me acurruco en la arena mirando a la distancia. Y me acurruco en la arena buscando, con fe, la esperanza. Contemplo el cielo nuboso; y siento una plegaria que brota del pecho mío con amor y sin palabras; y una voz que a lo lejos, entre la arena y las aguas, me dice: “ No estás solo, yo soy tu esperanza”. Soy la flor que buscas; Dios me puso en tu camino. Yo seré tu inspiración, tu dulce lenitivo. Y curaré con cariño tus angustias y dolores. Y quiero ser el amor de tus amores. -Marcelo Delgado Lacroix

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