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Become The Tidal Wave represents freedom. Put distractions to the side and follow your dreams. This album was recorded on my laptop using only two microphones. All real instruments performed by myself (Tomás). Track 3 features our best friend Noah Johnston (drums and bass). Our dream is to travel the world and spread positivity, not "make it big in the industry". If you have a passion, make sure you set time for it. Much love!
-Tomás and Becca
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released March 25, 2017

Becca Trevathan - Vocals
Tomás Gorrio - Vocals / Guitar / Drums / Bass / Trumpet / Percussion
Noah Johnston - Track 3 Drums / Bass


all rights reserved




We are Tomás Gorrio & The Gylestial. A nomadic couple on a ten year plan travel the world with our music and positivity since March 2016. Find your passion and live life to the fullest!


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Track Name: Crystal Ball
My Crystal Ball tells me I’m a juggling man
Here to juggle in stereo
Feast your eyes, the surprise keeps -a- growing
If I keep -a- flowing, this boat keeps -a- rowing
Make your list if you can’t resist
Put your hair in a twist and come on out to play-ville
Outside - July - Slip Slide from Miami to Nashville
Dyna could, Dyna might (dynamite, get it?)
Blasting past -a- this fortress
Roll the dice and embark on a better life
Only you can melt off the cold weather
Who you want to be is a reachable teachable entity
Why say you’re old? Why not control the
times that you hold yourself to be a bolder-self?
Stand where the moonlight hits you. Become the Tidal Wave
Your cards tell all. Stand tall - TG - The Gylestial
...Tick… Tick… Tick-Tick BOOM
And if we should escape this fortress, it has to be soon
One bite could result in a loss of control
It says when we get there, we should go lasso the moon
Roll the dice and go!
Track Name: Sweet Tooth
This place won’t hold me down, I’ve been tearing at the walls
As long as the honey keeps on dripping and dripping
I’ll hit the truth with my sweet tooth. I’m coming after you
And I yell at the stars as they fabricate
This ingenious design which controls my fate
It’s dark and it’s blue and no one but you can help me
You and me, we boogie to the beat
Leave it alone. Nothing we can say when we’re on the phone
Baby, we were made for conquering anything at all
If you see my old friend, say hello for me
That old wolf couldn’t plant a tree
All his seeds are just hungry for money, but honey
You and me, we boogie to the…
Your money don’t control me. In my heart, I’m already wealthy
Leave it alone, they say, when the wolf keeps -a- coming after ya
But -a- nobody home. Que huevón
Track Name: Fastest Algorithm
It’s off my shoulder. Relaxing like a Saturday
But it’s not over. It’s like they all say
“Give me the will to see. Show me your strategy”
Beating the slowest and the fastest algorithm
Adding a shape to the most original origin
We’ve got that chemistry
Always pushing forward
Is technology getting the best of me?
I don’t wanna be a person w/out personality
There’s a freedom most of us never see
And if I die today, I would like to say that I was free
You remind me of a younger version of everyone...
Of everyone who’s gonna tell me how it should be done
Are you standing on your own
if you decisions are based on everyone else’s opinion of you?
Small towns seem bigger to me
I’ve been waiting to hold you, but this time there’s no room to see
No where to pick up if you call
You know, I’ve been asking around to find a way
It’s just not as easy to do as it is to say
Track Name: Mr. Industry
Could you look at your scars w/out complaining?
If the routine goes too far, would you try and shake it?
And so they pour another shot of the good stuff -a- in your cup -a-
This damn job will consume your life, and still you drink it up -a-
You go stumbling home, drag your feet through the door
Clutch the sheets and it’s over -a-
You call this paradise? I’d rather take my chances alone
You call this paradise? I’d ratter take a chance on my own
They say I dance too much, baby baby
“Let’s get that other guy to sing all your songs” <- Shady shady
"You wanna make it in this industry, so listen up -a-“
“We mold all your creativity to fit this cup" -a-
Up yours!
Now I’m stumbling home, drag my feet through the door
Clutch the sheets and it’s over -a-
I’ll save my inspiration for a rainy day
I’ll call their bluff and take back my songs, then watch them fade away
I’m making a path, starting from scratch
To follow this heart is what was missing
But now my crew is steady, don’tcha mess with me
Call it Radar vs Mr. Industry
Track Name: Becca La Muñeca
Que passa muñeca?
Porque su nombre es Becca
Becca La Muñeca de Tennessee
She breaks the contrast and curiosity
When she shines her light, it’s my serenity
L. O. V. E.
Your light is waiting for the day to shine again. Do you remember when?
Make a dance for freedom. Make a dance and let yourself be free
L. O. V. E.
Baby baby, our dreams have started to fly
It’s an overwhelming feeling just to try
Baby baby, this world keeps calling your name
We can stay right here or set out to change the game
We can stay right here and indulge the fear, but if I wasn’t clear…
I’m setting out to change the game!
We can stay right here, but I’m down to change the game
Track Name: Staying Alive (the TG's)
Time can go so quickly. Before you know we’re out of pages
So much for second chances. There’s only on way out of this chapter
Slowly, we can surely, have hope and try to reason with disaster
Come with me, I can promise you that we can stay young and free
Forever and ever
I’ve been around long enough to decide
When summertime comes around, I’m staying alive
And in my arms, I will protect your precious heart
Inside my arms
Take a pause, look around and see what is left
Beyond all the madness and logic. It’s beautiful
Sunday was bright, I seem to remember the way that you smiled
Even after the storm, we stayed close
Track Name: Abigail
We are the hunted flesh of this haunted machine
There’s truth somewhere in this mess, it’s just buried beneath
You get sunshine over a canopy built with memories of your existence
A paycheck takes care of you, if you believe
Abigail says we’re lost behind the hill of this company
We can break bread, but I would rather make a discovery
Behold the ones who say they can’t, and all of their possessions
Surrendering to circumstance. Are we all in question?
Do I have priorities, self discipline, or authority?
Holidays turn to enemies
Has this machine really taken all of my priorities?
Track Name: The Painter
Paint lies flat along the ocean, silhouette peaceful on the sand
When all I feel is your heartbeat neatly guiding my hand
And when the night closes in, you’ll feel the warmth this canvas can hold
Oh, when I need to see you, my dreams are more than helpful
In my eyes, your beauty is ever enduring
I can paint for you an ocean of love
I can paint our love
Paint lies flat along the ocean reflecting the golden sky
Clouds to provide our shadow, stars to provide our night
We can fill the trees with tangerine
Citrus and sweet. Lay next to me until you leave
And now should the waves behind us cover the sun
It would magnify the rays and the shade is gone
We’ll melt right off the canvas, acrylic and all
Into this ocean we dissolve
I’m painting for you
Track Name: Ambition Has A Heartbeat
And if I don’t win, it wouldn’t be the only breath I have to leave
But if I don’t dream, would I stay in this cage for the rest of my days?
I want to see the sun through the eyes of God
Restore the color that I’ve lost
Break these chains, break away from these…
I know how to live. Sing to the earth, discover your worth dear
I know how to live. Give what you can, if love is the answer
And I know how to dream. Float like a feather, stay young forever
And I know how to dream. So I dream
It’s only when you fall, do they talk about it
It’s only when you fall, you must’ve been in over your head, baby
Ambition has a heart beat
Ambition can make you break gates, go find your fate!
Track Name: Friends Closer
I had a dream I was having a party
I had a dream I was having a ball
I said hey… ho…
The wait is over, look over your shoulder. I made it, I’m sober
All the people in the house say hey… ho…
And all the people in the house… LET’S GO
We need our friends to be closer. Hey… Ho…
Need our friends to be closer to us

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